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Giles Penfound -

Documentary Photographer

I’ve been a photographer for nearly thirty years and for much of that time documentary photo stories have held my greatest interest and passion.

I decided recently to change what I was doing and start to make work that was different in scope and approach to that of my past. I want to do something gentle, quiet, considered and more importantly, ordinary.

Home Town Stories is a platform to help me make and show new documentary photographs of my encounters with the people, culture and landscape of my home town and country.

I’m interested in re-discovering for myself the quiet and considered joy that can be found within the simple ordinariness of the every day and then delight in the photographic potential that is all too often hidden within, yet seldom seen.

There is I know magic and wonder everywhere, yet just because it is neither loud nor magnificent, is it any less worthy of my attention? I must not allow my own myopia and prejudice to let me believe there is little interest in a person, scene or experience before me just because they are ordinary, everyday even ubiquitous? For within the most common place exists I believe something worthy of a closer different view, the opportunity to pay greater attention and see whatever it may be for more than the everyday and unseen I once assumed it to be.

My hope and desire is to look anew on the every day, common and ordinary and engage the love and fervent passion I have for photography to help me see with better eyes and make photo documentary stories with a calmer more compassionate heart.

As much as I love and adore the delights of photographic kit, it is only a tool to help me capture the images I see in my head and heart and must not become the prime point of interest. I have stripped my kit down to only what is essential will focus my attention on the subject and image rather than the means of production.

At present there are very few images on this site, because I want to start this new adventure not looking back to past glories but forward to wonderful new adventures and I’d like the images to reflect that ethos. It’s a great time to be a photographer, with so much potential and possibility but also there is, I believe, a great need to be considered, honest, compassionate and calm.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my work and if you have any comments or would like to get in touch regarding a possible story, please click below and leave me a message.

Warmest regards